Has it Almost Been a Month?

Clearly, I’m awful at blogging since you are just getting your first update. So much has been happening though that I’ve been hard pressed to really keep up with social media in general. But fear not! I am here now.


My first week in Belize I visited the Mayan Ruins of Cahal Pech and Xunantunich. Xunantunich was a huge, stately site with an incredible view from the top of the tallest temple. Cahal Pech was different in that we were able to explore the passageways that led from plaza to plaza.


^ Xunantunich ^


^ Cahal Pech ^


My second week I had the opportunity to visit Guatemala. The first day we toured Tikal and then we spent the next three days exploring the island of Flores which is located in the middle of the third biggest lake in Guatemala. On our day at Tikal, my friend Ally and I made a couple of Harry Potter references and all of a sudden, our tour guide was assuming I am magical. (Hear that Hogwarts? My letter is overdue.) He was eager to tell me about his own experiences practicing magic and urged me to enhance my own magic by surrounding myself with crystals. In Flores we spent our days kayaking and canoeing around the island. Naturally (since I’m such an athlete), my arms were sore for the next three days after I got home.Image

^ Tikal ^


^ Tikal ^


^ Flores ^

September 10th was the St. George’s Day celebrations. We watched a firework show from the top of the Proworld office building (which I failed to get a picture of) which was the best view of San Ignacio that I have found.


Oh, and I go to school sometimes too!


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